Sad Android, As One - single - (2020)

Sad Android, Why - single - (2020)

Sad Android, Another Lonely Day - single -(2020)

Cole Fortier, Cafe Nostalgia (2020)

S.A.M. (2018)

Earthcore (2017)

Counterclockwise Ensemble, Theory of Mind (Cleersteer, 2017)

Sad Android, Who Be You The Ghost Of? (Part 1 of 3), (2017)

Alison Avron, Tiny Little Universe (2016)

Milk House (Milk House, 2016)

Essai (M.A.P. 2015)

Sad Android, Get a Grip Let Go (2014)

The Counterclockwise Ensemble, Looking Back, Moving Forward (Cleersteer, 2013)

Kate Ellis, See Me Falling (River Rose Records, 2013)

The Inner Banks, Wild (DAG, 2012)

Sad Android, Static Flower (M.A.P. 2011)

Martín Loyato, Syncretism (Sync Records, 2010)

Scurravagas, Radio Sunday (2010)

The Inner Banks, Songs From Disko Bay (DAG, 2009)

Kirsten Williams, Yesterday’s Waves (F.F.Exactly, 2009)

Patricia Shih, Imaginengine (Glass Records, 2008)

Sinem Saniye, When I Don’t Sleep (6/8 Records, 2007)

Rich Stein, Counterclockwise (Cleersteer, 2007)

Tom Griffith, 40 Years Later (MomandPop, 2007)

Beatradio, Miracle Flag (2007)

Patricia Shih, Power of One (Glass Records, 2007)

One 4. . . and other works by John Cage (M.A.P.2006)

The Inner Banks (DAG, 2006)

Beat Radio, The Great Big Sea (2006)

Beat Radio, The Ecstatic Ep (2006)

Gordo Gringo, Everybody Loves the Party (Moon or Mars, 2006)

Sad Android (2005)

Gordo Gringo, Levittown Chicks (2005)

Gordo Gringo, Lost Dog: Live in NYC (2005)

Avenue Q (Stage Stars, 2005)

Funny Girl (Stage Stars, 2005)

Fiddler on the Roof (Stage Stars, 2005)

Static Flower (M.A.P., 2004)

Wicked (Stage Stars, 2004)

Miller’s Farm, MF (2004)

Avant Nothing (2004)

Stephen Fricker, 12 Guitars of Christmas (Glass Records, 2004)

Brian Sendrowitz - When it Comes on Like a Dream (2004)

Cage For One (M.A.P., 2003)

Gordo Gringo, Jump the Cruch (2003)

Electrolyte (2003)

Akiva, Bueno y Sano (2003)

Dr. Ghost, Sugar (2003)

The Bootleg Remedy, Cutting Time (DAG, 2002)

Beat Radio (2002)

Bye, Bye Birdie (Stage Stars, 2002)

Bill Ayres, You Are Good Enough (2002)

Millers Farm, Those Jeans (2002)

Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contests and Once Festival (M.A.P., 2001)

Brian Sendrowitz, This Fleeting House (2000)

The Bootleg Remedy (DAG, 2000)

Dom Dorman and the Icemen (1999)

Quartet (1999)




Static Flower (short film)